We will get the bus from Interchange at Highfield Campus and hit to Oxford. Then you have two options:

1) Either to follow us as we will visit some of the most interesting historical places mainly situated in the heart of Oxford. Our friends at ESN Oxford Brookes have kindly agreed to give us a tour and ESN Imperial will also be joining us!

Here are the main places we plan to visit:

1. The University of Oxford 
2. The High (universities and colleges street)
3. Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
4. Cornmarket Street 
5. St. Mary The Virgin Church 
6. Sheldonian Theatre 

2) Do your own thing and join us later in the day!

After the tour there will be time in the afternoon for you to do what you want! 

£13 with ESNcard, £15 without.

You can buy tickets from committee members at these times:

-Tuesday 14th October: 19:00-22:00 at Language Cafe event.

- Stag's Head - To be confirmed soon!


13 (15 without ESNcard)


A Language Café.

Many international and exchange students, your favourite ESN committee members and…YOU!

Rendez-vous on Tuesday, 14th of October, 7:00 PM.

Wild Lime

To have lots of fun and practice all the languages you can speak! 

The principle of a ‘Language café’ is that we are encouraging you to both share your mother tongue with the others and practice your English…all of that at the same time! Different ‘Language Tables’ will be set up to make sure you will be able to make the most of this gathering and switch from one language to another in a matter of seconds. 

Are you thinking of taking up German as a foreign language but you’re not sure yet? Do you want to meet someone coming all the way from Sweden to study in the UK? Would you like to share your knowledge of English with an international buddy? Then do come and say ‘Hello’, or ‘Hallo’ or even ‘Hallå’ to us on Tuesday! Don’t forget to bring your friends, your good humour and smile and you’re good to embark on a unique language experience! 

See you soon…or should we go for ‘Hasta la vista, baby!’?  

14/10/2014 - 19:00


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Additionally, i would like to be informed about how to obtain the Society ID (ESN Card) and the corresponding benefits

Gala dinner awards

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Mr & Miss Eramus
Best Attendance
Vote for someone who is at EVERY party, trip, gathering without failing
Mr & Miss Flirt
Vote for your Erasmus friend that you always see chatting a new person up, buying drinks (or receiving drinks) maybe they're making friends, but they've got a twinkle in their eye
Best Fancy Dress
Vote for the person who always has the best costumes at the parties.
Most likely to get British Citizenship

Hello everyone,

It has been an amazing year for us by being part of the Erasmus Society of our university but unfortunately like everything else, it is coming to an end!
It is time to start thinking for next year, therefore we would like to make an Open Call for the next year's ESN Southampton committee (Board Election Time - #BET). We are looking for people to join the committee for the academic year 2014/2015, in order to continue this amazing society and help the new Erasmus students next year! :)

Potential applicants:
If you interested in running for these elections, please send us an email at to forward you the ''Open Call’ document which includes everything you need to know in regards to the application process and the tasks of the positions!

ESN is a great opportunity to gain valuable communication and organizational skills, meet new people, explore the network around European sections, party like an exchange student and build strong relationship with the university.

The roles you can apply to are:

+ Treasurer

+ Marketing Officer

+ Buddy Scheme Coordinator

+ Social Erasmus Coordinator


+ Webmaster

+ Radio Presenter (x3)

+ First Year Academic Rep

+ Second Year Academic Rep

For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Deadline to apply by: Sunday 18th of May 2014, 23:59 (GMT)
AGM 2nd round date: ***To be Announced!***

Thank you,

Erasmus Society Committee

07/05/2014 - 18:00 to 18/05/2014 - 19:30
Room 07/3019
Contact details:
  • Everyone is invited.

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the Students' Union who support our society and activities.