For our next buddy event we will be going to the bridge for food/drink/coffee/whatever you like to meet up with our buddies as well as other international students! We will meet at 18:30. 

At 20:00 , it will be the Southampton Language Exchange! We will meet other international & home students to practise English/ any other language of your choice! It is a great chance to get to know others in the Southampton community who are not part of ESN.

Finally, at 23:00 is the Battle of the Languages event for those of you looking for a night out, see info. here: This is not an ESN event, but it is a fun one, and if you haven't yet experienced Jesters, get yourself there to truly experience Southampton nightflife.

As always, bring your buddies! See you all at 18:30 (or later, whenever you can arrive, Language Exchange finishes at 22:00).

More information is on the facebook page.

21/11/2017 - 18:30
The Bridge, Highfield Campus