Here you can find out about the ESN Southampton Committee. We are a friendly bunch, so if you see any of us around Southampton, don't be afraid to say hi!





Jordan Roberts

 ESN President

Hi, I'm Jordan, a fourth year languages student and President of ESN Southampton. I spent 2 semesters at Strasbourg University and like tea, sushi and chocolate. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and am always free to help if you have questions or want to go for coffee!

Rochâne Temple 

Vice President

Hi, I’m Rochâne, a fourth year history student and Vice President of the society. I spent my year abroad in Cyprus learning Greek and exploring the island. I like trying new food, meeting new people and making fun memories! If you see me around campus, don’t hesitate to say hello.

 Janelle Marsh 


Hi I’m Janelle, a fourth year Maths and Spanish student and treasurer for ESN Southampton. I spent a year studying in Madrid and love football, tinto de verano and all things Italian!

Lizzy Oliver


Hi I’m Lizzy! I’m a final year history student and the secretary of the committee. I like Harry Potter and pizza! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Dominyka Derbytaite 

Buddy scheme coordinator

Hi, my name is Dominyka Derbutaite, I am a final year law student. I did my year abroad in Norway, where I hiked up the mountains, got a chance to see the northern lights, and met loads of amazing people. I applied for a role on the ESN committee because I wanted to make exchange students’ experience in Southampton an unforgettable one!

Hannah Fawcett

Buddy scheme coordinator

Hi! My name is Hannah, I am a final year French and Spanish student at Southampton University, and I was studying in Toluca, Mexico last year as part of my degree. I love playing netball and meeting new people.

Roshan Rupra 

Buddy scheme coordinator

Hey I’m Rosh, a fourth year medical student and one of your Buddy Scheme Coordinators! I conducted research in Paris for a semester. Outside of university I usually spend my time playing badminton, board games, and feeding my unhealthy obsession with food.

Sam Arnold

Buddy scheme coordinator

Hi I'm Sam, I'm a fourth year French and Spanish student, and part of the Buddy Scheme team. I spent a year studying in Madrid, and I love football, climbing and I take any opportunity to travel somewhere new!

Isabelle Costigan

Communications Manager

Hi I’m Isabelle, your communications manager! I study Spanish and German and will be teaching English in Germany next year in a school! Latin American and German culture are my biggest interests - I love dancing to Reggaeton music in clubs in Colombia but also enjoy cycling and hiking in the Black Forest with my friends. My hobbies include reading, blogging, drawing, travelling and a little bit of partying! I'm really looking forward to getting to know many Erasmus students in semester 2!

Charlie Merry 

Graphics and Marketing

Hi I'm Charlie I'm a final year history and Spanish student, and spent my year abroad teaching English in Spain. I love travelling, reading and knitting!



Events coordinator 

Hi I'm James and I'm one of ESN's events coordinators! I love speaking French, surfing, skiing and writing music (random combo I know). I was an ERASMUS student in Lyon 2 years ago and loved every second, I hope you will too! Don't feel shy to say hello to me at any point, I look forward to meeting you all!


Ceri Jury

Events coordinator 

Hi I'm Ceri, I'm in my final year studying my masters in Aerospace Engineering. I spent my semester abroad in Delft, Holland. I love art, travelling and going for a pint!

Kieran Murray

Events coordinator


Hi, I'm Kieran, fourth year MSci Biology & Marine Biology student and events rep for ESN Southampton. I'm from Surrey but live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and spent a semester on Erasmus exchange in Göteborg, Sweden. I like weird music, am an avid scuba diver and sunburn easily. Looking forward to meeting people from all over on a trip or over some food or drink!


Thomas Randall 

Events coordinator 

Hi, I'm Thomas, one of the events reps at ESN Southampton. I am from Nottinghamshire and a final year history student at Southampton. I did a year abroad in Wroclaw, Poland and came to love the country and the culture as well as the wider experience of spending a year on exchange. My interests include cookery, reading and hillwalking.

Innogeon Brotherton

International projects coordinator

Hi I’m Inny, a fourth year Modern History and Politics student, and one of the International Project Coordinator’s. I spent a year studying in Zagreb, Croatia and I like beer, the sea and travelling!

Diana Demco

International projects coordinator

Hi, I'm Diana. I am originally from Romania, so you could say that I always feel like I'm Erasmus. I love life's big joys and small pleasures, talking to old friends or discovering new places, planning crazy ideas, but then relaxing all day with a cup of tea. I will do my best to contribute in a valuable way to your Erasmus experience!


Hay-Ching Tang

Partnerships Coordinator

Hi, I'm Hay-Ching and I spent a year studying law at the University of Hong Kong, and travelled around South-East Asia when I had the time! I absolutely love meeting and talking to new people, which my year abroad definitely gave me more opportunities to do. I also love cooking and trying out different foods!

Miranda Huitfeldt Aspelund

Solent Liaison

Hi! I’m Miranda, and I’m in my final year studying Marine Biology. For my semester abroad I got to go to Adelaide, Australia which was absolutely amazing! My interests are cooking, travelling and everything in the ocean. Hope you have a great time here in Southampton!


Chloe Connolly

Website Manager

Hi! I am a fourth year French, Spanish and contemporary European Studies student and spent my year abroad last year in the beautiful Madrid. I love visiting new places, meeting new people and animals - I grew up on a farm!