Dear amazing people,

So the end of the semester is approaching and everyone can almost feel the pressure of the exams and saying goodbye, but what about a last chance to create one last beautiful memory before you go back home? Yeah, let's do this by getting all creative, in the spirit of Brighton Fringe,the largest arts festival in England and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world!

There’s many other ways to enjoy this beautiful city - either by having the traditional fish and chips on the beach and enjoying the sun (yes, the English have sun sometimes!), by visiting the incredible Royal Pavilion, by having a drink in one of the quirky pubs or getting all childish around the Brighton Pier…It’s your choice! We’ll give you a list of our favourite attractions in Brighton to give you an idea, you and your friends choose whatever you wish to do, and then put it into a beautiful memory. 

Ticket prices:
£14 with ESN card and £16 without ESN card!
Departure point:
Highfield Interchange, meeting there at 08:15 the latest.

Here's a map with some places to see - we'll give you the activities list as soon as you attend ;)

Get artsy! Write a short story, take pictures and put them into a collage or maybe make a video (whatever you think suits you best) and then send it back to us. Our favourite memories will be awarded at the fancy end of the year Gala Dinner organised for you guys.

See you all there!
Your Erasmus Society Committee xxx

£14 (£16 without ESNcard)
What's included: 
  • Transportation
  • Everyone is invited.