WANTED: ALL Erasmus + Students to take part in an openly confined mission of sharing their international experience!


Hello, beautiful international people!

The entire team of ESN Southampton is pleased to announce that they need your help! We want to know how YOU are living your unique Erasmus+ experience and we want to know it all!

Are you passionate about writing or just happen to occasionally enjoy scribbling a few words on a piece of paper? Would you like the entire world to know how much fun you are having on your year abroad? Then why not dare to share it with us? And with everyone else, as a matter of fact!

We would like to introduce you to…the Erasmus+ Blog a brand new section on our blog written by and about you! We are looking for Erasmus+ students who are eager to write something for us: an article, a song, a poem - anything you like doing and which would sum up your experience in the UK. Look at it as a new entry on your personal ‘Study Abroad’ blog!

If you are interested in contributing to (y)our blog in any way, please contact us at esnsoton.press@gmail.com and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it!

And guess what? It only gets better. As a reward for your incredibly good job, YOU will be offered a free ticket to one of our local events!

A vos plumes, camarades!  We are looking forward to hearing from you! See you soon!



Your favourite ESN Southampton Committee