ESN Southampton are looking for Erasmus and international students who enjoy writing and would be interested in writing a blog post for our website. Your posts would be posted under Erasmus+ Blog!

You could write about anything related to your time here in Southampton. Maybe you went on one of our recent trips or attended an event and could write about what you got up to? Or, you could write an article about life in Southampton, differences between the UK and your home country, restaurant reviews, something about your favourite night club, or about your top tips for Erasmus students in Southampton. Any idea is appreciated!

Or, maybe you are a home student who would like to write about your past Erasmus experience, or would like to share some tips with Erasmus students in Southampton!

If you have any questions or would be interested in writing something, please contact Chloe Connolly through Facebook, through her personal email or through the ESN Soton email, on our contact page